Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is the basic need of a company that deals with the common people. The different points included in the privacy policies reflect the ideals of the company when doing business with the common man. Actually, these policies are needed to maintain a healthy relationship between the company and the clients. Loans No Upfront Fees also maintains a strict privacy policy when dealing with its clients. The following points are meant for both the company and the clients:

• To maintain top class secrecy, the clients are given unique Ids and passwords. These are highly useful as these can be used to protect one's personal documents.

• The company does not indulge itself in any malpractice like disclosing your account details with us. We try to maintain full privacy of your account.

• We do not claim or record the identity of the numerous browsers who visit our site every day.
We request and advices our clients to maintain full secrecy for the company and for their sake as well.

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